Florida Department of Education

The Florida Department of Education is also known as a state education agency or state department of education.  It is responsible for supplying information, needed resources and any technical type assistance regarding education to school districts, schools and parents.  It has a board, consisting of elected (11) and appointed (8) members.  They oversee both the elementary and secondary education in Florida.

The Florida Department of Education is also responsible for 11 school districts, each one represented by an elected board member.  The appointed members are chosen by the Florida state governor.  The department then uses its varied committees as advisors to provide up to date information about education and its methods to staff, teachers, administrators and parents.  It also works to give out needed resources and funding to school districts, who will further divide that up between the schools.  The Florida Department of Education also has to manage an overall budget for all its school districts, answering to the United States Department of Education, a federal government body and cabinet member.

The Florida Department of Education is also responsible for enforcing the laws passed down to it by the federal department in the areas of civil rights, education laws and privacy.  They are expected to monitor the performance of each district in their charge, and evaluate any areas of strengths and weaknesses with their state system.  They also have the authority to give out disciplinary action where needed within the school districts in regards to educational laws, and have the right to have some say so in the procedures and investigations done by each district.  Though the Florida Department of Education’s involvement in the overall curriculum guidelines for education is one of their biggest jobs, they rely very much on the input provided to them by their school districts, schools, educators and caring parents.

The Florida Department of Education has a diverse population of children of all ages, nationalities and social backgrounds to deal work for.  It has to oversee many areas that are deep within dark swamps and bustling districts found in its major cities and small towns.

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