Free School Supplies

When school rolls around, most families are out shopping and trying to prepare their children for the upcoming school year.  There are new clothes to purchase, a book bag, lunch box, and shoes.  In addition, many teachers require extensive school supply lists be filled.  These lists can be quite expensive to fill, especially when you have more than one student in school.  The good news is that there are free school supplies available to families that need them.  You just have to know where to go looking for them!

One of the first places you might want to go to look for free school supplies is your school’s family resource center.  Most schools will have a counselor that is able to point you in the right direction for school needs.  Some schools will give out school supplies to families that can prove a need for them financially.  Most of the programs are completely confidential, so your children won’t have to worry about anyone knowing where their supplies came from.  In addition, if you have more than one child at a school, these programs will be easier for you to get into.

Another place to look for free school supplies is in the community.  Many churches are beginning to have school supply drives within their buildings.  They collect school supplies and then hold rallies for local neighborhoods.  At these rallies, you can come and pick up the school supplies you cannot afford to purchase.  Some will even give away backpacks and clothing at the same time.  So, be on the lookout for various ways to obtain your school supplies, especially if you can’t afford them this year.  If you haven’t heard about anything like this in your community, you may want to mention it to someone at your church or try to organize an event yourself for other families as well as yours.

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