Learning Games

What better way to learn than with learning games! Children love games and won't even realize that they are learning at the same time. Games have children excited about learning and can be best used in the classroom. No matter the child’s style of learning, learning games have something to offer everyone. Real life problems can be taught using games. Children will often prefer games that teach over any other style of learning. Fun and excitement will encourage children to learn to their best ability.

Types of learning games:
1. Spelling games are easy to make yourself with nothing to purchase but paper and pencils. Hangman is a great choice to teach spelling and learn new words. Board games such as Scrabble can build spelling skills while word puzzles can be fun and teach children spelling. Inexpensive pre-printed MadLib forms will teach a child grammar while enjoying the fun of completing their own stories. Another simple spelling game will be to take a word and mix up the letters. Start with three letter words and work up to much longer words or even sentences.

2. Beginning Sudoku books will not only help your child with math skills but will definitely get them thinking. Choose books that are labeled easy so as not to discourage the child. Remember that keeping the work fun will encourage learning. Learning games such as Sudoku and other math games will improve thinking skills as well as math skills.

3. Card memory games are easy to play and fun too! Most children have played the card game called Memory but many don't know that there are many types of cards available for purchase. Some cards will have a color on one card to be matched with the written color word. While others will have things that belong together, such as a sand paid and a sand shovel, or a fork and a spoon. These memory cards can be a great benefit for children’s thinking skills.

By making difficult topics fun for a child, they can learn just about anything. Children who struggle with school work can benefit from learning games. So make your own games that will help each individual child.

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