Nursing Degree

Earn a nursing degree and get into the high paying nursing industry TODAY!

My sister has a Degree in Nursing.  First she spent long years sampling different careers and finally decided to try for a nursing degree. She’s glad she did because the work, personal satisfaction and time spent have rewarded her with what amounts to a meaningful life.  It wasn’t an easy journey at first – the first three or four years were the hardest. But most of that time was spent in figuring out what to do and how to do it.

So, we’re already ahead of the game.  We know there is a critical need for nurses and with the aging population; the need should increase in the next decade or so.  Nursing degree programs are offered in most major cities and universities, and even some community colleges.  You can check locally or go online to check out schools that offer nursing degrees – one site you can try is: can start taking science, anatomy and basic college requirement courses right from the start and declare LPN/LVN or RN interests the second or third year.

Before we get too far along, let’s discuss Financial Aid.  It’s a big business and can really make the difference in putting together a sensible plan to fund education.  You can make a great start at ‘FAFSA on the Web’ – it’s the U.S. Department of Education’s official government website for financial aid – located at .  It takes a few days to navigate through the online forms but the questions you are asked in the process will prompt you to decisions on direction, course of action and potential schools.

With school picked, finances figured out and a course of action in place, what’s next?  Go find a nurse who is willing to chat by phone, email, or go have coffee.  Ask your questions and listen, listen, listen.  The next several years are going to be challenging; the demands of a full nursing degree program are almost as intense as medical school.  But, a nursing degree is still worth it!

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