School Loans

With the cost of higher education reaching all time highs, most students are resorting to school loans to help them pay for their tuition, housing, books, and more.  Student loans are one of the best resources for students and their families.  If you cannot pay for your tuition or other educational costs, you can easily apply for a student loan.  Most people are almost automatically approved.  They rarely require a credit check and almost always are based on the income of the student or their parents. 

School loans are not all the same however. You can get loans from your university, loans from personal sources or banks, or loans from the government.  The best thing to do is see which type of loan offers you the best interest rate.  Most student loans are very low with their interest rates, but even one percentage point lower can make a big difference when you are borrowing thousands of dollars.  You can easily find this type of information online.  The government has great websites that explain various types of loans given to students. 

Another place you should certainly go for information on school loans is your college’s financial aid office.  All colleges have financial aid offices, no matter how large or small they are.  Make an appointment to see a financial aid counselor.  You can ask them about the various types of student loans.  They can also help you with the paperwork you need to complete to be eligible for a loan.  These counselors can be great resources to use and are always free to see.  So, take advantage of the financial aid office to help you with your entire loan and grant needs as a student.  Your parents can also call the counselors if they have questions about student loans as well.

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