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In today’s high-powered, high-stress, and click start society, it seems that the more available technology we have, the harder it is for our children to receive a quality American Education.  Children in highly technologically advances civilizations such as China and Japan, have educational systems that not only rival that of the United States, but also far surpass the current American Education system. 

Some reasons for the overwhelming decline in the American Education system include funding issues for textbooks, supplies, and general building maintenance.  Sports and arts programs are also suffering due to budget cuts and a lack of qualified volunteers.  Others point toward the students and teachers themselves.  Teachers are statistically underpaid, presented with overcrowded classroom sizes lending for higher instances of disruption and elevated chances for school violence.  Lately, the focus has been on reinstitution of the “No Child Left Behind” program and it’s goals to help the parents and children of minority and disenfranchised families the right to a quality and meaningful education that is on-target with state and federal minimum grade level requirements.  Right now, less than half of all African American and Hispanic fourth graders have basic reading skills in our current American Education system.

How will this be achieved?  The Secretary of the Department of Education has a vision of every child obtaining grade level excellence by the year 2014.  Targeting funding for the schools that are most at risk is a high priority.  The next step is giving the parents a voice in their children’s education and choices of schools, teachers, information, and control over their child’s educational experience.  Then it is important to collaborate with each state in the American Education system to find realistic assessment solutions and flexible, attainable goals to set for individual learners.  The program has already seen a large percentage of success and is expected to flourish within the next few years if reauthorized.

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