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Together We Can: A Guide for Crafting a Profamily System of Education and Human Services.

Melaville, Atelia I.; And Others

Abstract: Developed by a group of researchers, administrators, and practitioners, this manual provides a practical guide for improving the coordination of education, health, and human services for at-risk children and families. Divided into three main sections, the guide leads readers through a five-stage process of group collaboration. The milestones in and obstacles to the process are portrayed through vignettes and case studies that describe the personal experiences of the group members. In the first part, "Outlining a Vision for Change," it is argued that an interlocking set of integrated education and human services is an essential part of a community in which learning occurs. The second section, "Realizing the Vision," presents a five-stage framework to help partners collaborate and develop their own process for changing complex systems, a process that focuses on long-term change while being flexible enough to respond to changing circumstances and conditions. The third part, "Communities Moving toward the Vision," profiles four collaboratives with initiatives to integrate and link services to schools. Appendices include two assessment checklists; a directory of key contacts and organizational resources; and a bibliography that includes sources for more specific guidance on the topics discussed in this guide. (MM)

Title: Together We Can: A Guide for Crafting a Profamily System of Education and Human Services.
Author: Melaville, Atelia I.; And Others
ISBN: 0-16-041721-X
Note: 158p.
Publication Year: Apr 1993
Document Type: Non-classroom Material (055)
Target Audience: Parents
ERIC Identifier: ED357856
Clearinghouse Identifier: PS021379
Available from: U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-9328 (Stock No. 065-000-00563-8, $11).

Descriptors: * Agency Cooperation; * At Risk Persons; Check Lists; * Children; Child Welfare; Community Involvement; * Coordination; Elementary Secondary Education; * Family Programs; Health Services; Preschool Education; Program Development; Program Evaluation; School Community Relationship; Social Services

Identifiers: Collaboratives; *Family Support; *Integrated Services

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