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The Selection of an Instructional Management System.

Elias, James E.; Cafolla, Ralph; Schoon, Perry

Abstract: One of the methods moving to the fore in aligning curriculum to standards is computer-based Instructional Management Systems (IMS). Reports on the process used by the Palm Beach County School District to select and implement an IMS to improve teaching, providing some basic information which other districts or schools can use in their own search for an IMS. (Contains 7 references.) (AEF)

Title: The Selection of an Instructional Management System.
Author: Elias, James E.; Cafolla, Ralph; Schoon, Perry
Journal Citation: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, v8 n2 p123-31 2000
ISSN: ISSN-1059-7069
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Project Description (141)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Administrators
ERIC Identifier: EJ615210
Clearinghouse Identifier: IR542325
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Academic Standards; * Computer Managed Instruction; Curriculum Development; Educational Administration; Educational Technology; Elementary Secondary Education; Instructional Development; Instructional Improvement

Identifiers: *Instructional Management Systems; Instructional Systems Design; Technology Integration

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