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Gay and Lesbian Voices in Literature: Making Room on the Shelf.

Sumara, Dennis

Abstract: Argues that English teachers seeking equity must begin to address the absence of gay and lesbian literature in secondary schools by identifying quality gay and lesbian adolescent literature and including it in the curriculum. Lists the titles and provides summaries of fiction that might be used in high schools. (HB)

Title: Gay and Lesbian Voices in Literature: Making Room on the Shelf.
Author: Sumara, Dennis
Journal Citation: English Quarterly, v25 n1 p30-34 1993
ISSN: 0013-8355
Publication Year: 1993
Document Type: Position Paper (120); Journal Article (080)
Target Audience: Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: EJ462250
Clearinghouse Identifier: CS745263
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Adolescent Literature; English Instruction; Fiction; High Schools; * Homosexuality; Literature Appreciation; Reading Material Selection; Sexual Identity

Identifiers: *Literature Instruction

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