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Suicide and Homosexual Teens: What Can Biology Teachers Do to Help?

Smith, Mike U.; Drake, Mary Ann

Abstract: Discusses the teacher's role in helping students deal with homosexuality and suicide. Teachers can provide unbiased information about personal relevant biological issues; be good listeners and confidantes; and value each student without regard to race, gender, class, or sexual orientation. Provides useful information on addressing homosexuality in the classroom. (SAH)

Title: Suicide and Homosexual Teens: What Can Biology Teachers Do to Help?
Author: Smith, Mike U.; Drake, Mary Ann
Journal Citation: American Biology Teacher, v63 n3 p154-62 Mar 2001
ISSN: ISSN-0002-7685
Publication Year: 2001
Document Type: Teaching Guide (052); Journal Article (080)
Target Audience: Researchers
ERIC Identifier: EJ627041
Clearinghouse Identifier: SE565133
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Biology; * Homosexuality; * Lesbianism; Science Education; Secondary Education; * Suicide; Teacher Attitudes; Teaching Methods

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