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Together Is Better: Building Strong Relationships Between Schools and Hispanic Parents.

Nicolau, Siobhan; Ramos, Carmen Lydia

Abstract: This handbook offers background and suggestions for developing programs in which parents learn how to actively participate in their children's education. It is based on 42 participating projects throughout the country. It contains the following seven chapters: (1) "The Hispanic Profile"; (2) "Misperceptions and Misconceptions"; (3) "The Elements of a Successful Parent Involvement Program"; (4) "Recruitment Strategies: DOs and DON'Ts"; (5) "Retention Strategies: DOs and DON'Ts"; (6) "Is It Worth the Effort?"; and (7) "Special Challenges: Hispanic Fathers, Teenage Mothers, Troubled Families." The following conclusions are drawn from previous attempts to develop parent/school partnerships: (1) parent behavior is subject to change; and (2) participating Hispanic parents, mothers in particular, become full partners in the education of their children. Also included are an introduction and the following four appendixes: (1) "Barriers and Solutions," a checklist of potential problems and solutions; (2) "Sample Programs," sketches and profiles of some projects around the country; (3) "Sample Outreach and Follow-up Materials," examples of letters, information, and fliers to parents from project administrators; and (4) "Directory of Projects," a list of the participating projects on which the information in this handbook was based. (MYM)

Title: Together Is Better: Building Strong Relationships Between Schools and Hispanic Parents.
Author: Nicolau, Siobhan; Ramos, Carmen Lydia
Note: 76p.
Publication Year: 1990
Document Type: Non-classroom Material (055)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Parents
ERIC Identifier: ED325543
Clearinghouse Identifier: UD027472
This document is available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service.

Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education; * Hispanic Americans; Misconceptions; Outreach Programs; * Parent Participation; * Parent School Relationship; * Parent Student Relationship; Population Trends; School Holding Power

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