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Training for Professionals Who Work with Gays and Lesbians in Educational and Workplace Settings.

Besner, Hilda F.; Spungin, Charlotte I.

Abstract: This manual is designed to provide a model for training college professors and instructors who are responsible for preparing educators and business professionals for occupations that place them in contact with young gays and lesbians. Eleven of the manual's 13 sections contain an extensive menu of practical activities, including structured icebreaker/energizer activities, in the following areas: personal expectations and interaction with other individuals and groups; self-assessment; origins of homosexuality; homophobia; methods of identifying and assisting youth in need; educational and workplace issues and programs to promote positive change; closeted gays and lesbians; preparation of gay and lesbian students for the workplace; students with gay or lesbian parents; individual action plans; and replication of the workshop training for colleagues in educational and workplace settings. Lesson plans consisting of the following are provided for each lesson: objective; list of materials needed; estimated time; directions for facilitators; questions for discussion; and key points for facilitators to elicit. Section 12 is a review of resources that lists the following: 157 books; 133 periodical articles; 12 brochures, handbooks, resource guides, and curriculum materials; 7 audiotapes; 16 videotapes; 31 organizations, and 7 hotlines. A workshop evaluation is provided in section 13. (MN)

Title: Training for Professionals Who Work with Gays and Lesbians in Educational and Workplace Settings.
Author: Besner, Hilda F.; Spungin, Charlotte I.
ISBN: 1-56032-566-6
Note: 242p.
Publication Year: 1998
Document Type: Book (010)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: ED419906
Available from: Accelerated Development, 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007- 1598; telephone: 215-785-5800.
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Adult Educators; Attitude Change; Case Studies; Corporate Education; Educational Environment; Educational Resources; Evaluation Methods; Higher Education; Homophobia; * Homosexuality; Industrial Training; * Inservice Teacher Education; Interpersonal Competence; Job Training; Learning Activities; Needs Assessment; * Professional Development; Self Actualization; Special Needs Students; Student Evaluation; * Teacher Student Relationship; * Trainers; Training Methods; Training Objectives; Work Environment; Workshops

Identifiers: *Train the Trainer

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