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Welcome to School: Questions Parents Might Ask.

Darby, Linda; Dorfman, Cynthia Hearn; LeGrand, Bob; Miranda, Simone; Sheedy, Christopher; Silverman, Kim; Vespucci, Barbara

Abstract: This pamphlet is designed to serve as a prompt for principals and teachers to help them anticipate questions parents might ask when they send their children to school for the first time or when they enroll their children in a different school. The pamphlet can also serve as a checklist for parents as they become involved with their children's education. Questions are organized by different levels of schooling, from preschool to high school. Preschool questions include those related to fostering social skills, preparing children for kindergarten, and helping with the transition to kindergarten. Elementary school questions address curriculum, parental involvement, and measuring children's academic and social progress. Questions for middle schools cover class size, the role of the guidance counselor, the transition to high school, and preparation for college. High school questions cover guidance available regarding course selection, college selection and preparation, and participation in technology events. General questions address school policy issues such as homework, promotion, prevention programs, absences, and computers. (LPP)

Title: Welcome to School: Questions Parents Might Ask.
Author: Darby, Linda; Dorfman, Cynthia Hearn; LeGrand, Bob; Miranda, Simone; Sheedy, Christopher; Silverman, Kim; Vespucci, Barbara
Note: 9p.; For earlier version of this brochure, see ED 400 120.
Publication Year: 1997
Document Type: Non-classroom Material (055)
Target Audience: Administrators and Parents and Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: ED411991
Clearinghouse Identifier: PS025845

Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Criteria; * Family School Relationship; * Inquiry; Kindergarten; Middle Schools; * Parent Participation; * Parent School Relationship; * Parent Student Relationship; * Parent Teacher Cooperation; Preschool Education; School Readiness; Student Adjustment; Transitional Programs

Identifiers: *Questions

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