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Perceptions & Attitudes of Male Homosexuals from Differing Socio-Cultural & Audiological Backgrounds.

Swartz, Daniel B.

Abstract: This study examined four male homosexual, sociocultural groups: normal-hearing homosexuals with normal-hearing parents, deaf homosexuals with normal-hearing parents, deaf homosexuals with hearing-impaired parents, and hard-of-hearing homosexuals with normal-hearing parents. Differences with regard to self- perception, identity, and attitudes were noted among groups, based on a mailed questionnaire. Respondents included 33 normal-hearing, 19 deaf, and 7 hard-of- hearing homosexuals, for a total of 59. Data indicated that hard-of-hearing homosexuals had the most positive attitudes and perceptions, while hearing and deaf male homosexuals of homogeneous familial backgrounds reported more negative attitudes and perceptions. Hearing homosexuals appeared less content with their love lives and relationship status than deaf homosexuals. Hearing gays and deaf gays with deaf parents showed the most confusion and negative feelings about their sexuality. On the whole, deaf homosexuals had a more positive image of themselves than did hearing homosexuals. A greater percentage of deaf homosexuals belonged to gay advocacy clubs and organizations, indicating the existence of a gay sub-culture within the deaf culture. The "Conclusions" section discusses education-related findings on pages 53-55. Other findings concern religious affiliation, time required from first suspicion of homosexuality to actual acceptance, first sexual experience, and attitudes toward and knowledge about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). (Contains approximately 40 references.) (JDD)

Title: Perceptions & Attitudes of Male Homosexuals from Differing Socio-Cultural & Audiological Backgrounds.
Author: Swartz, Daniel B.
Note: 55p.
Publication Year: May 1990
Document Type: Research Report (143)
Target Audience: Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: ED354657
Clearinghouse Identifier: EC301827
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Descriptors: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; Adult Children; Adults; Advocacy; * Attitudes; Clubs; * Cultural Context; Cultural Differences; Cultural Influences; * Deafness; * Hearing Impairments; * Homosexuality; Interpersonal Relationship; Males; Parent Child Relationship; * Self Concept; Sexual Identity

Identifiers: Disabled Parents

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