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Helping Students Understand and Accept Sexual Diversity.

Sears, James T.

Abstract: Although educators seem reluctant to integrate sex into the curriculum, covert sexual instruction comprises a large part of the hidden curriculum and ambience of any junior or high school. When presenting heterosexual mechanics, most health classes bypass homosexuality, safer sex practices, abortion ethics, and birth control methods. Honest dialogue is needed. (21 references) (MLH)

Title: Helping Students Understand and Accept Sexual Diversity.
Author: Sears, James T.
Journal Citation: Educational Leadership, v49 n1 p54-56 Sep 1991
ISSN: 0013-1784
Publication Year: 1991
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Evaluative Report (142)
Target Audience: Administrators and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: EJ432694
Clearinghouse Identifier: EA525844
Available from: UMI
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Abortions; * Contraception; * Hidden Curriculum; * Homosexuality; * Individual Differences; Secondary Education; * Sex Education; * Sexual Identity

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