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Vocational Student Organizations and Student Achievement. Working Papers.

Camp, William G.; Jackson, Renee S.; Buser, Bryan R.; Baldwin, Eliza T.

Abstract: The impact of participation in a vocational student organization (VSO) on student achievement was examined. First, an exhaustive review of the recent literature on VSOs was conducted. In addition, a survey aimed at state directors of VSOs was developed and pilot tested on a purposefully-selected sample of 25 state directors of VSOs. A response rate of 93% was achieved. Although more than 250 documents on VSOs were identified, an in-depth review and analysis of the applicable literature revealed only a limited amount of literature and research documenting or chronicling the impact of VSOs on student achievement. Much of the literature advocated benefits that were not adequately verified in the reports, were supported by limited or weak methodologies in the areas of research and analysis, and were not described in sufficient detail to support duplication of the results. It was recommended that research in the area of VSO impact, benefits, and assessments be conducted to identify VSOs' strengths and weaknesses and provide baseline data. The state VSO director survey validation panel, field test group, and pilot study responses indicated that the survey is adequate for collecting the data that would be necessary in a study designed to document VSO-related efforts at the state level. (Contains 76 references.) (MN)

Title: Vocational Student Organizations and Student Achievement. Working Papers.
Author: Camp, William G.; Jackson, Renee S.; Buser, Bryan R.; Baldwin, Eliza T.
Note: The National Center for Research in Vocational Education is now the National Research and Dissemination Centers for Career and Technical Education. Appendixes not available from ERIC. Some text may not reproduce adequately.
Page Length: 56
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Review Literature (070); Evaluative Report (142)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: ED462624
Clearinghouse Identifier: CE083094
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Descriptors: * Academic Achievement; * Administrator Attitudes; * Educational Benefits; Educational Research; Extracurricular Activities; Influences; Literature Reviews; National Surveys; * Organizational Effectiveness; Participation; Performance Factors; Postsecondary Education; Research Needs; Research Problems; Secondary Education; State Programs; * Student Organizations; Student Reaction; Synthesis; Vocational Directors; * Vocational Education

Identifiers: Distributive Education Clubs of America; Family Career and Community Leaders of America; Future Business Leaders of America; Future Farmers of America; Future Homemakers of America; Impact Studies; Technology Student Association

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