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CTE Student Organizations. ERIC Digest.

Brown, Bettina Lankard

Abstract: Anticipation of academic, professional, and career-related benefits and opportunities for friendship and belonging lead many young people to become members of career and technical education (CTE) student organizations. Because all CTE student organizations share similar goals for membership and participation, outcomes of a Purdue University study of participation in Future Farmers of America (FFA) are relevant for all CTE student organizations. Key findings show students involved in FFA are more enthusiastic about and attach greater value to school studies than do average students, more likely than the average student to relate personal effort to success, and more likely to prepare for postsecondary studies and attend two- and four-year colleges. Members are inspired to join because peers or family members have recommended membership. This motivation for membership appears to nurture a motivation for learning. Members believe they can realize success in their chosen career area, have more specific career goals, and are more likely to work in high school, which enhances their professional development. They are more actively engaged in community and school activities. Two primary ways CTE student organizations can motive new students to join and participate in activities are to make their focus more relevant to today's workplace and strive to recruit a diverse student population. (Contains 13 references.) (YLB)

Title: CTE Student Organizations. ERIC Digest.
Author: Brown, Bettina Lankard
Note: Digest Number 235.
Page Length: 4
Publication Year: 2002
Document Type: 071; ERIC Digests (073)
Target Audience: Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: ED467238
Clearinghouse Identifier: CE083600
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Descriptors: * Diversity [Student]; * Employment Potential; Family Influence; Goal Orientation; * Learning Motivation; Occupational Aspiration; * Scholarship; Secondary Education; Student Attitudes; Student Motivation; * Student Organizations; Student Participation; Student Recruitment; Success; * Vocational Education

Identifiers: *Career and Technical Education; ERIC Digests

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