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Gay Youth in the Family.

Gover, Jill

Abstract: Notes that, during adolescence, lesbian and gay youth often become aware of their sexual orientation and may experience problems. Contends that gay and lesbian adolescents need support from their families to cope with stressors in homophobic society. Sees fear of rejection by family members as creating anxiety in young gay people. Discusses these issues and considers intervention strategies. (Author/NB)

Title: Gay Youth in the Family.
Author: Gover, Jill
Journal Citation: Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Problems, v2 n4 p34-38 Win 1994
ISSN: 1064-7023
Publication Year: 1994
Document Type: Position Paper (120); Journal Article (080)
Target Audience: Policymakers
ERIC Identifier: EJ486014
Clearinghouse Identifier: CG544349
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Adolescent Development; * Adolescents; Counseling Techniques; * Family Role; * Homosexuality; * Lesbianism; * Sexual Identity; Social Isolation; Youth Problems

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