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Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students in U.S. Schools.

Bochenek, Michael; Brown, A. Widney

Abstract: This publication discusses documented attacks on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth who have been subjected to abuse by their peers, and in some cases by their teachers and school administrators. To date, these violations are compounded by the lack of legislation to protect these students from discrimination and violence. Youth (n=140) around the world ages 12 through 21 were interviewed for this report. In addition, 130 youth service providers, teachers, counselors, and parents were surveyed. Throughout the process, evidence of substantial failure of schools and government to protect the rights of these students was apparent, and personal stories are included to document these failures. Following recommendations for state, local, and federal government policies, the student's school experience is presented. The book then discusses coping with harassment and violence, and presents consequences students may experience such as depression, alcohol and drug use, and risky sexual behavior. It reviews the role of teachers, counselors, and administrators in counseling students and stresses the need for effective counselor training. (JDM)

Title: Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students in U.S. Schools.
Author: Bochenek, Michael; Brown, A. Widney
ISBN: ISBN-1-56432-259-9
Page Length: 222
Publication Year: 2001
Document Type: Book (010); Review Literature (070)
Target Audience: Policymakers and Researchers
ERIC Identifier: ED454462
Clearinghouse Identifier: CG031006
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Descriptors: * Adolescents; Bisexuality; Case Studies; * Civil Liberties; Elementary Secondary Education; Emotional Abuse; * High Risk Students; * Homophobia; Homosexuality; Human Services; Lesbianism; * Sexual Orientation; Social Discrimination; Surveys; Violence

Identifiers: *Human Rights Reporting; Risk Taking Behavior

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