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Penny's Question: "I Will Have a Child in My Class with Two Moms--What Do You Know about This?"

Wickens, Elaine

Abstract: Excerpts from interviews are frequently used in this discussion of teachers' reactions to children with gay or lesbian parents and administrators' efforts to ensure that such children are accepted in their schools. Offers possible teacher responses to questions of children with gay or lesbian parents. (BB)

Title: Penny's Question: "I Will Have a Child in My Class with Two Moms--What Do You Know about This?"
Author: Wickens, Elaine
Journal Citation: Young Children, v48 n3 p25-28 Mar 1993
ISSN: 0044-0728
Publication Year: 1993
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Project Description (141)
Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: EJ460161
Clearinghouse Identifier: PS520266
Available from: UMI
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Early Childhood Education; Family Structure; Interviews; * Parent Teacher Cooperation; * Teacher Administrator Relationship; Teacher Attitudes; * Teacher Behavior; Teacher Response; Teaching Conditions; * Young Children

Identifiers: Diversity [Groups]; Homophobia; *Homosexual Parents; *Teacher Knowledge

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