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Observing Teaching: A Reform-Based Framework for Looking into Classrooms.

Schneider, Rebecca; Blumenfeld, Phyllis

Abstract: This study examines teachers' classroom practices in response to the support for teacher thinking in the materials and designs a systematic research method for observing classroom teaching consistent with reform recommendations and adaptable for use on a large scale. The development of a method to evaluate complex classroom observations that captures the salient features of reform-based teaching is described. (KHR)

Title: Observing Teaching: A Reform-Based Framework for Looking into Classrooms.
Author: Schneider, Rebecca; Blumenfeld, Phyllis
Note: Produced by the Center for Learning Technologies in Education.
Page Length: 30
Publication Year: 2003
Document Type: Research Report (143)
Target Audience: Policymakers
ERIC Identifier: ED475161
Clearinghouse Identifier: SE067680

Descriptors: * Classroom Research; Curriculum Development; Educational Change; * Lesson Observation Criteria; Middle Schools; Professional Development; * Science Education; * Science Teachers; Student Projects; Teaching Methods

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