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Breaking the Silences: Lesbian and Gay Parents and the Schools.

Caspar, Virginia; And Others

Abstract: Examines responses of homosexual parents and their children's teachers and administrators concerning parent-school communication. The article discusses dynamics that encourage homosexual parents to disclose their homosexuality to the school and the value or risk placed on disclosure. It reports on issues of gender, offering parent and faculty narratives. (SM)

Title: Breaking the Silences: Lesbian and Gay Parents and the Schools.
Author: Caspar, Virginia; And Others
Journal Citation: Teachers College Record, v94 n1 p109-37 Fall 1992
ISSN: 0161-4681
Publication Year: 1992
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Project Description (141)
Target Audience: Teachers and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: EJ456575
Clearinghouse Identifier: SP521740
Available from: UMI
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Child Development; Cultural Differences; * Educational Change; Elementary Education; * Homosexuality; * Parent School Relationship; Parent Teacher Cooperation; * School Attitudes; * Self Disclosure [Individuals]; Sex Stereotypes; Sexual Identity; Social Influences; Teacher Attitudes

Identifiers: Homophobia; Psychosocial Factors

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